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Shepparton Villages

Independent Living Units

A sense of belonging in an active community.

Our independent living units (ILUs) offer a comfortable, community-based lifestyle for seniors who no longer wish to run a family home.

The units are ideal for those who can live independently but require occasional help, delivered by a private or Commonwealth-approved home care package, or support from our team when needed.

Our care model differentiates us from competitors. The units are located next to our residential care facilities. Some units are allocated to residents with low means.

Each unit is beautifully appointed with a modern kitchen and bathroom and surrounded by landscaped gardens.

ILU residents purchase a lease by paying an ingoing contribution, some of which is retained by Shepparton Villages. Those of limited means sign a lease agreement that includes a rental component rather than an ingoing contribution.


Who can apply for accommodation?

If you are of retirement age and have an association with the Greater Shepparton region, you are eligible to apply for accommodation.

Independent living unit maintenance fee

A maintenance fee based on Village outgoings applies to all units. This fee covers items such as rates, building insurance, internal and external maintenance, gardens and grounds, and administration.

For more details

Contact our Admissions Coordinator on 5832 0800