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Shepparton Villages

Care and support your way

Shepparton Villages offers support at home and short-term restorative care programs for those with a government-funded Home Care package.

Choice to live well on your own terms

Support at Home

After assessment by the Aged Care Assessment Service, eligible individuals are allocated a Home Care package by the Government when available.

Our Case Manager can explain how the program works, including fees and services.

If you choose to take up your package with us, we will help develop a care plan and coordinate services for you.

Ongoing contact will be made through phone calls and home visits. We want to help keep you safe, happy and well in your home.

For further information, please contact the Home Care Program Manager or phone 5832 0800,


Support when you need it

Short-term restorative care

Our eight-week short-term restorative care (STRC) program is designed to reverse, or slow functional decline in an older person, and to maximise their independence in their own home.

It is delivered in the consumer’s home with a multidisciplinary approach that includes their GP and at least two other specialists such as a physiotherapist or occupational therapist.

Eligibility criteria applies, and packages can be delivered across the Hume region.

For further information, please contact our Short Term Restorative Care Coordinator  or phone 5832 0800.